My #poetry intends to converse with the admirer/reader. I wanna speak your language, adopt your dialect , & make symphony of your sheet of music…..I wanna sing your song for you. Put voice to your conscience. Let me be your ghost writer ! #poet #poetrycommunity…

“She comes first!!!”

Have you ever heard a singer hit her notes?

Did you strum the keys on her piano?

Did she ride the beat or did the beat become her?

I heard a rumor that she comes first.



Memorize her chorus and remix her billboard single.

Listen to her bonus tracks.

Never press skip.

Hold her key, she holds her note.

Play behind her voice… give her permission to captivate you.

Your intro is her foreplay, play her in.

Her runs are congruent with your strums my friend. Your strums are congruent with her runs my friend.

She came first.

Now she scats like some jazz cat.

She won the grammy.

It’s ok if her acceptance speech runs a little long.

She used the autotune.

Are you down with computer love? Finesse her bridge. It’s her soundtrack.

Be her producer and press her buttons, change her dials, TURN HER UP!

…She comes first!!

“Don’t hijack love on the way to justice””

Black lives matter.. Black lives matter..” (chants ring off)



Its fight or flight, unfortunately.



It’s a need for comfort, and nurturing.



Don’t look away, share the burden.



You lost friends, but gained family in us.

Malcolm x.

Martin Luther King.

We know the approach that worked, choose Love (ELOHIM – JESUS – HOLY SPIRIT).



Evil has no color, don’t alienate allies.



Mend these wounds, take the trash to the curb.



A black lives matter protester became a cop, she marched with you at inception.



Now she’s fighting for us from the inside.



I just watched the press conference from Alton Sterlings son and his mom. I weep.

“Speaking the same language”

GOD’s Word is in the way we speak,

Lamps for our feet, influencing how we move,

Lights unto our paths, showering favor as our confirmation,

Existing in 3 persons just as He who is of Divine Essence,

Getting up after we fall, being thankful for the breath He gave us,

Capitalizing H’s in front of e’s & references of His name,

Leaning on His secrets to decipher false prophets perverting His Word,

Becoming familiar with His Word, trusting the Word as our foundation,

Seeking an intimate relationship with Him, sharing His Love with our neighbors,

Maturing in individual journeys with Him,

Comparing ourselves to His example for us,

Flourishing with content in our trust of His Will,

It’s His joy that sparkles in our smiles,

It’s His peace and kindness that resides in the softness of our eyes,

It’s His Glory that shines the Light on us and that dwells within us

We are the body of CHRIST,

The brethen,

Descendants of Israel,




… we know the Truth and the Truth knows us. Comfortable being vulnerable!!!

Bought with a price, we’re connected… a part of one body!

Let the church confess 7 is perfection, 3 is the Holy Trinity, and 1 is there is only One Creator, Heavenly Father, GOD and His name is ELOHIM!!!

“Time stands still”

Sometimes I look at you and it seems time stands still.

Brushing your hair and cupping the base of your head, perusing you like a gallery,

Hoping the reality of you means I dont need to pinch myself.

Adoration exhibited in the way of forehead kisses.

Seeking your third eye, exchanging comprehension, keeping the secrets & mysteries of our foundation,

Wishing my touch brings comfort at the translation of true desires.

Can you feel the fire?

Do my flames consume you?

I saw us in the future. I got on the streetcar, they got on after me. Me and you in the future that is. Did you see us too?

It didn’t dawn on me until she said his name…. my name…. then the light bulb flickered..

I asked ELOHIM for a glimpse and He showed me.

I’m not even sure how to take it.

They knew too. The way they looked was as if they recognized me. Almost if they knew of me from my past. Our past.

It’s funny, I asked Him to reveal to me my future in Him.

ELOHIM is so cold, He revealed Himself and His will to me without warning.

I asked Him a question expecting a burning bush, He laced me with wisdom subtly… coming from where and when I least expected it.

Sometimes I look at you and it seems time stands still.

Whether I see you then, now, or soon I can’t help but long…. longing for the eye contact we’ll share,

Clamoring for the infectious smile we contract from each other and the necessary quarantine to follow.

Leaning on the “Faith of a mustard seed”, expecting dreams to come true!

Until then, time still stands!!!


LORD forgive me, for I know exactly what I’m doing.

Slanging around, letting it all hang out,

Interrupting patio conversations & midday phone calls of every lady smiling my way.

Yeah I’m a hoe, throbbing as her jaw drops… jumping when her tongue pops.

Sometimes, my mind plays tricks see,

Or maybe I’m tipsy… ’cause whose really in control if women have power to stand me at attention?

I’m so full of shit, I didnt even wear drawls today…

That’s right, drop those keys and pick ’em up.

Put on that lipstick while you pretend to look into your mirror,

Come out of the restaurant and pretend you’re on a phone call… feed my ego, that’s what Im here for.

Thirst trap shawty, caught you looking.

Flip that hair, wink at me, shower me with attention at your approval of my endowment.

Trouble is his middle name. Didn’t stick around for a last one. Maybe that’s why none of them took a last name I never had… or the name I never bothered giving. Definition of insanity.

Maybe I should retire these sweats… Then again, is Starbucks open?

“Millennial dating 2020”

I get it you don’t need me.

You don’t want me. You don’t care that I exist.

If this world were rid of me you wouldn’t shed one tear.

Good riddance you say.

You’re a queen. You’re a goddess.

Make no mistake, it’s me you feel should be working to impress you on this date.

I mean, if I dont play ball you’ll just quickly remind me of how many cats are dying to shoot their shot. Yeah, that’ll teach me.

Don’t I know you’re worth it and THEN some? Both a snack and the steak and potatoes?

And of course, I’m expected to fund this date as a glimpse into whether or not I can provide?

Oh no, my bad. You’re independent, this is merely my audition. My application.

I should feel privileged and thankful you even graced me with your presence.

Oops, it’s my job to pursue and your job to bask in attention and affection and compliments…. oh my!

Boost my ego? Lol…. silly me, I forgot my place.

If you felt it was time to ration me some intimacy and affection you’d have done it.

Should I go sit in timeout goddess?

Oh shoot, have I ruined my shot at another date?

Dag nabbit, good thing I like toes ’cause I’ll have to kiss your feet all night to get back in your good grace.

You like foot rubs?

Damn what I do wrong now?

Are you serious? Listen, you might be fine and all but dont raise your voice at me.

Ok, but I opened your door for you because i was taught… I never said you couldn’t open the door.

Where’d that come from?

Listen, just call me when you get home so I know you made it ok.

Wayment, when did I boss you around?

For being concerned?

I can’t handle a woman who talks back to me? Hunh?

How does that make me weak?

(Tire burnout)

Was it something I said?

“He said she said”

I sacrificed for you..

Put down my pride,

Took shit in stride,

I catered to you.

And you questioned me..

Made light of my steps,

Became foreign to the journey I traversed for you,

I asked you for water as I thirst and you spat on me… you could’ve kissed me instead..

I’m stronger than you..

Studied longer than you,

Explored further than you,

Kicked more rocks than you,

I’ve sustained without you and been better since you…

I dont need you..

And you had the nerve..

To rekindle my fire and abandon it,

To pop my corn and not count the seconds,

To speak and not listen,

To cut lines of communication after reaching for me,

Against my better judgement I accepted your apology,

I pitied you to be nice,

I hate that I love you or else I’d wish you were dead… I didnt mean that. I’m jus trying to get your attention…You’re such a coward,

Scared to let me back in, like I did you soooooo wrong. I hopped on a plane for you.

Do you hate me?

Who cares if you forgive me, you shouldn’t have knocked on my door if you weren’t going to listen to me speak. You’re selfish and butt hurt.

That’s ok, I dont want you anyways. I’m so unfazed.

(To which He responds)

“I know, I hear you loud and clear”!

“She spelled COCONUT on my canvas”

-Painting the creases, & crevices of each others bodies with our fingers. Each member serves as our own unique paintbrush. Brushing colors on the tablets of each others hearts.

-Exploring your acreage. Leaving traces of my thumb print on your body. Underlining what you thought were flaws & adding exclamation points!!!

-My hand prints on your love handles. Your hand prints on my chest as you push me on the bed and mount me. Your red got mixed with my blue & we made lots of purple.

-Adding a pinch of yellow to your areolas as your bosoms glisten & jiggle. Thrusting my hips upwards while sliding my fingers between yours. The color black grips our knuckles as we interlock fingers.

-“Shutup”, you said, “I didnt say you could moan”… as you drove my stick shift, I sucked your titty & kissed your nipples like you were my new favorite color. You spelled COCONUT with your hips and painted gold all over my endowment.

-We are the canvas. We made each other the masterpiece. We lie in awe of us… You smirked & said, “I thought you were finally going to let me be dominant this time?” Mischievously, I smiled with contagion from your smile, “I thought coconut only had 2 O’s in it”? 😏😎

“Nails in my back”

There’s a running tally of all the times you’ve dug your nails in my back,

Love’s scars, burning from the steam we produce,

Atmosphere is thick, filled with oooohs and ahhhhs,

Mattress half way off the bed, lamps and tv remotes litter the floor,

You’re such a tornado, relatively quiet as this storm builds yet comfortable being vulnerable to unleash fury upon me, i took you where you wanted to be while your titty was in my mouth…. you grabbed me tight as my tongue fixated on your areolas, your insides became “silky wet” as I nibbled your nipples. You said, “I knew I was in trouble when you grabbed my love handles in the right spot in that doggystyle position“…. kudos to you, you always knew how to stroke my ego!!!

“Is that Honey I taste in your tea”

Can I have a sample of your tea mama?

How ’bout a tall glass of what’s in your pitcher?

Drinking the half all the way to the last swallow…

Damn you scrumptious, I’ll take another glass my thirst for you isnt quenched.

Mmmmm, that’s good tea. I want more..3 turned to 4, 6 turned to 7, yes I’m trying to drink you up so refill my cup.

I’m thirsty for you… dont tell me your pitcher is empty, you’re my sustenance.

What is it about your tea mama, is it honey I taste? Maybe its lemon…. #poetrycommunity #WritingCommunity #vss365 #erotica #canihavesome

This art piece is so poetic to me…

“CONQUEROR”I want to conquer her. I want her to WANT to be conquered. I want her to surrender to me. I want her to dwell in her surrender to me. I want her to dive in my pool, cascade deeper and deeper; I want to kidnap her panic, capture her comfort, and teach her to breath under water and exchange the oxygen from my lungs to hers….and from hers to mines….. and then teach her a whole new appreciation of the breath bestowed upon us. And when she is conquered, I want to give her the solace she needs that when we are no longer under water my presence to her becomes oxygen, and my love for her are the lungs to recycle it#poetry #poet #poetsofIG #poetsofinstagram #published #publishedauthor #book #authorsofIG #authorsofinstagram #Writingisthepaintingofthevoice #writerscommunity #instapoet #CONQUEROR