Whether photos taken with a professional camera or a smart device; adopt my perspective & correlate with the intent of my lens. Journey with me, borrow from my view and seek congruence. Acquire my taste… (GO TO THE JOURNAL PAGE AT THE TOP MENU FOR MORE ARTICLES WITH PHOTOS)

Bricktown Canal, Oklahoma city

Arts district garage, downtown OKC (FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL PAGE)

Arts district – public art, OKC museum of art (zoom in for Dale Chihuly glass sculpture), civic center commons, clarity coffee, Devon tower.

Park Avenue, downtown OKC

Lake Hefner, Oklahoma city. Lighthouse in the distance!

Can you spot the tiny illustrations within the larger mural of the octopus? (Full article on journal page)


Some of my favorite photos are “accidentally” perfect simply because the picture is blurry; I oftentimes enjoy framing the picture “back together again” in my mind of in spite of the blurry. Sidenote: I love curvy women 😍😍 (FULL POEM AND PHOTOS ON JOURNAL PAGE)

OKC “Mural Hop” continued – more photos of my latest photography adventure…… (FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL PAGE)

21C Museum continued – I noticed some new art on exhibit on my last visit. Naturally, I snapped a few photos. This place is responsible for some of my most appreciated art experiences. For an Artist, this place is awfully refreshing….. (FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL PAGE)

Murals – often part of the fabric of our most urban communities, some bring joy, others bring comfort; still some murals serve as a megaphone broadcasting a message, while many offer a springboard for tons of photogenic moments…. (FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL PAGE)

Tat tat tatted UP!! Some people use tattoos to describe themselves, others simply enjoy the display of art. (FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL PAGE)

Randoms πŸ‘€πŸ‘‡

Public art in urban communities – A suspended staircase displayed between a parking garage and a mixed-use development.

A bus stop in downtown OKC near OKC University of Law on the downtown streetcar route loop.