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The first poet I ever fell in love with was Maya Angelou; her poem “Phenomenal Woman”, in my opinion, is an anthem. It feels like yesterday, I sat in front of the TV watching with anticipation & suspense. My favorite show at the time, “Def Poetry Jam”; I had waited for her turn to spit poetry, I knew I was in for a treat. Then Jill Scott stepped to the podium and performed “nothing is for nothing”; instantaneously, it became a dream of mines to write poetry and someday have an entire crowd snapping their fingers at the approval of my nuclear verbiage!

For years, I’d endure intermittent droughts and waterfalls of writing or not writing; even still my life always feels like poetry in motion. The gift of poetry showed up in my life consistently in more ways than I was prepared to acknowledge. However, poetry also became a vehicle by which I could escape poverty, depression, & betrayal and a vehicle to carry & sustain me through lifes wonders & blessings!

All the poems, sonnets, & short stories written out of influence & inspiration were locked in my proverbial vault. While stationed in San Antonio in the military, I found my voice; I had frequented a few spoken-word events (First Friday Spoken Funk & 2nd Verse) and finally worked up the nerve to share some of my own poems. I was so nervous but after a warm welcome and some snaps later, I walked off the stage hungry for more. But it wasn’t until years later that I ever considered putting in the effort to publish a book.

Nerve revealed itself as purpose, as once I published my book of poetry, “Writing is the painting of the voice”, I was filled with visions and dreams; A refurbished purpose and a compelling draw to travel the world promoting & broadening my portfolio of art. My hope is on this journey, after perusing museums & art galleries abroad, embracing cultures & urban communities in every corner, I can come back with more poems to publish….. volume 2 anyone?

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