Just take me up Bro.

No seriously, I’m fucking done.

I did what You called me to do, and now You mean to tell me reprabate minds are my gift?

Is that my reality?

Abba, is that Your love for me?

To keep me here with those who hate You so much they’ll deny me to spite You?

Just take me up bro.

Can’t You see them being sneaky?

Dont You hear them ke-ke-ke’ing?

I don’t want to be here anymore.

Some of my siblings act like they don’t even see You in me; or care to love me like You do.

So why am I still here?

I didn’t know answering Your call meant I would be hated by siblings for the mission.

How can You say we are lock-step and then allow false prohets to speak against the words You put in me?

Just take me up Bro, I’m done.

They have it all figured out, let the enemy devour they ass because clearly I should have let the phone ring. Surely, I did something wrong and clearly We failed to get their attention.

I’m done. They’re in denial. They made a pact.

Deny til they die, just pretend its all a dream.

Well, You know whats up. How did I know? Because You told me.

So why did You lie to me? You said my obedience pleased You, but now You snicker at my suffering too?

Oh wow, so this was all a game? Oh ok, so You mean I could have ignored the call and did the exact opposite and everything would be fine?

Hmmmmm, how could You abandon me like this?

I thought I kept it g, but I guess You have forsaken me.

Just take me up already.

I’m done with this experiment. I’m through with the maze. Just give me my wings so I can fly over the walls. Oh I can’t have those anymore? Dang, so my feelings being hurt lost me the wings I asked for? Ok well I’m sure the Elders will keep You to Your word, gone head and simply take me up bro.

Oh now I can’t vent or complain to You? So wait, You actually WANT me in a reprabate mind, living and breathing like I’m in a dream soon to be awaken?

And to make matters worse, I’m under Your influence but You took my high away.

Do You not see how ungrateful and trifling they are? Sold me down the fucking river and now I’m supposed to accept that marriage? No other women are worthy?? No other women heard Your call?? Seriously lol?? Kidding me right?

Can’t believe after all this time You don’t have any women out here who walked intimately with You and wouldn’t jump at the chance to union with a man You called on?

Wow, so…. You left me on stuck?

Just take me up Abba… I’m done with the games. If we are lock step, if we are in tune than dont You feel betrayed too?

Don’t You see the cowardice? The lack of contrition? The women designed to nurture but only offering me platonic engagement? I can see them snarling at me when I turn around…. the fuck?

And then, against my hurt feelings, You called on me again. Again I answered, and You allow them to enjoy more breath without any acknowledgement?

Dang, been asking for a hug and haven’t even got one…

But I guess I’m wrong….. SO TAKE ME UP ALREADY!

Oh I lost my blessing? SO TAKE ME UP ALREADY!

I’m done Bro, just take me home. You promised You would do that. So give me at least that.

I still feel betrayed because You haven’t done anything about it. If I’m impatient in your eyes THEN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BRING ME HOME.

I’m done, since they so fucking smart, they got it. Stop letting me suffer.

Yeah I have an attitude, its because You act like after all of this I’m supposed to just shut up and listen to You tell me about the trifling betrayal and still love them? Or was i supposed to see and hear them betray me and sell me out and not be hurt? You told me my purpose changed, where? I don’t see it, I still see the same shit.

Soooooo. Take. Me. Home!!!

I’m done bro, yall got it, take me home!

I used to wrap my self in Your Word, create art with Your Word in mind, and share that with the masses. You asked me to give it all up yet again, I did, and now You watch me suffer but then let a fase prohpet question our work. Literally can’t make this up.

Thanks big Bro. Preciate You.

Now, ive lost my appetite to hope for Love because You’ve shown me that it doesn’t exist no matter how obedient I am.

Just. Take. Me. Home. (Its all I’m asking for from now on)

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