My favorite pose : #bodypositivemovement

Take a break from work. Drift off to your favorite park, or trail by the lake; those places where you’re comfortable being vulnerable. What would the camera lens say about you? As one acknowledges the camera is on, one tends to behave as such. What if your vulnerability was captured amidst unadulterated comfortability? Maybe that itch of goosebumps on your left shoulder blade provoked an organic pose unable to be duplicated? What do those poses and photoshoots look like?


This fine ass woman here lol….. gracefully crawled out of bed after a few photos, whisped away in slow motion on her friggin tippy toes over to my window and struck a damn pose. Mmmmmm, I encouraged her to have fun and just act natural. I wanted her to know how attractive I found her from head to toe and I indeed wanted her to embrace how much her “imperfections” were perfect to me. She was comfortable with me knowing the secret is out. She knew that I knew my attraction and passion for her, fueled her. And she embraced it, used SHARP TEETH to break down every wall of insecurity and strutted her muhfucking stuff. The peep out the window? Icing on the croissant….

Every #bodypositivemovement photoshoot comes with a standard hand over breast photo. Something unique i barely noticed, her nipples are brown 😁🤪🤭😎. Not pink, her nipples are brown hahahahaha.

Full bosoms? Yes please!

Well, well, well…. what have we got here?

Baby had the cake…. its funny man, growing up white women weren’t comfortably thick like this. No complaints here, we went with a housemaid theme on this one. Another thing I like, when a womans calves are juicy thick. Not muscular tho. Just thick like her thighs. This chick is built like a friggin stallion. To be clear, photoshoots are often completely professional. As in this case it is, but can you imagine this woman being completely hot for a fella and just wrapping her legs around him and deciding not to let go until he relinquished his seed for her to give birth to? Show me the man who wouldn’t cocoon with a chick like this and blossom like a butterfly and ill show you a liar 🤣🤣. Goodness…

Look how wide her hips and booty are and then check out her waist. Its illegal this far south of Kansas soooo…. lol

Dont get me started on Demi again lol

Look at this smile and tell me she isn’t having a blast.

Probably my top 3 favorite pose in the entire photoshoot. She can have my babies lol.

She friggin drained me.

To me, these are magazine worthy photographs. I always say, imperfections make you perfect.

Not going to lie, this is a still capture.

Her tattoo art is #dope.

😇 gorgeous view. Toes in the air. Exactly how an Alpha likes it!

Big ole booty.

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