A 2004 Kia rio. I legit thought my car was the fastest, most luxurious, pimped out car in existence. I was absolutely insufferable 🤣. Circle the parking lot or entrance of an establishment with my music blaring to “stunt”. Who was I stunting on? No clue, but it was my first car what do you want me to say?

I distinctly remember pulling up to traffic lights, revving up my engine, & unabashedly trying to goat the mustang or camaro 2 lanes over to give me their attention for 3 seconds. ‘Cause, well…. it often only took 3 seconds to leave me behind… Who cares right? I had them off the line 🤣🤣😆🤣😆🤣

I kept her clean though. Detailed every 2 weeks. I busted the speakers and they seemed to get louder to me 😂. I can’t forget to mention the super wide Cadillac turns at each intersection. Again, in a Kia rio mind you lol. We took trips out of state. In fact, this car was great on gas. But none of that mattered when my car was destroyed in an accident. Oddly, we made it back home safe but it was still deemed a loss. My ears are STILL ringing from the loud music haha!

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