Dear Lilith

They called me ugly in elementary school.

So can you tell me how fine I am to you?

They called me skinny; “you’re dark skin, your nose is big.”

So can you gas me up, appreciate me, and twist my lid?

Stroke my ego drop mentos in my root beer and drink my fizz?

Read my nutrition label, clean your palette before consumption.

Pair me with the proper wine, reside in the heat of fermentation.

Exercise your green thumb, tend to my roots.

Nurture the light bestowed on me, let’s walk in truth.

Show me I’m your king, reverse those old things.

Mend away the memories of my suffering.

Finesse my paradise, lettuce my sandwich.

Guard our peace with an iron fist.

Yeah, ‘they’ heard what I want….. but GOD equipped you as “who” I need!!!

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