What if 1984 & Hunger Games really happened?

Couple weeks ago I watched both “mockingjay” installments (part 1 & 2) of the Hunger Games franchise; married with my recollection of 1984 and the concept of living under “big brother”, the parallels are striking. I am often so concerned with the spirit of my fellow americans… my brother-man, my neighbor, my sisters & brothers, and in particular my siblings in The Body of CHRIST! I grew up wondering how a nation of people could ever be swindled or bullied into following Hitler and participating in a holocaust, or partaking in Egyptians enslaving Israelites, or declaring independence from a country whilst simultaneously enslaving a group of people to jump-start your new countries infrastructure. How? Didnt anyone speak up and say enough is enough? Or did everyone enjoy the twilight zone instead of uttering the infamous, “I feel like I’m in the twilight zone” catch phrase? Either way, what Hunger Games showed us is that the allure of power may well always choke away at the roots of precious flowers.

Sometimes members of the revolution are plotting for a rulers demise not to correct injustices but to assume a desecrated throne. In mockingjay part 2, the same chick whose giving Katnis crap about decision-making regarding matters of the revolution decides to drop bombs on the innocent to play a political chess piece and sieze power for herself. Evil was cloaked in the pain and struggle felt in all the districts while seeking to re-enslave them all along. Tragic.

I am not sure how to fully express what I believe in regards to this election and our country, but I am so concerned for my fellow Americans, the system we are adhering to, the programmed and manipulated choices we are abiding by, and our lack of awareness of the spiritual warfare at hand. We should never EVER have to settle for the lesser of any evils. Who said that? How come we allow our clearly stated discrepancies to sit in a log jam in congress while we vote them back into office over and over again? How come we allowed some dweeb to assault the truth and form a lane for “alternative facts”? There is no ambiguity? Truth is truth, nothing alternative or perspective about it. How’d we allow these mental gymnastics and word play to mislead us?

Whose got the courage? To confront the rebels in our revolution so our path isn’t stepped on but instead paved. Whose got the moxy? To speak on right vs wrong no matter what allegiance is assumed to a particular demographic. Whose got the poise? To see the matrix before you and choose not play the game. What if we stopped getting choices years ago? What if the agenda moves forward without our representation? What if…. political bickering is the distraction that causes a wedge in our love for one another? If 1984 and Hunger Games really happened, would we lay down and take it? Or would we remove the opportunist from power before asking Ms. Everdeen to answer the call?

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