Lack of ethnic streaming choices

From my choice in music & movies to my liking in television sitcoms, my first taste of entertainment was heavily filtered by a desire to see faces similar to mine acting out experiences in ways I could most relate. Over time, my taste for life in general has drastically been expounded. Not to mention how my relationship with JESUS has influenced and inspired the way in which I see others & the whole debate on race to begin with. As a kid I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming majority of the faces in tv commercials. (Although I despise the word, for the sake of converse we’ll use the pejorative “minorities”) Minorities were not offered the opportunities to reflect nearly enough of a positive and influential role on households. In fact, minorities were (in some cases still are) often subliminally cast in some roles to portray and lend credence to stereotypes. You can imagine how a tribe of people could flock towards the examples of good entertainment tailored to us and therefore feel left out when some of your favorite entertainment is often woefully underrepresented.

When commercials today are more diverse than ever and the evidence of ethnic voices in advertising and marketing departments is evident, one must ask themselves, “How come stallworths in film for all cultures aren’t readily available for viewing on streaming services”? Yes, I’m thankful for the progress but If you’re Hispanic aren’t you pounding the table if films and shows ingrained in the fabric of your community aren’t at least included in your subscription? Selena, Stand and Deliver? Who didn’t learn calculus after watching Jaime in Stand and Deliver? I’m not from the far east but I want all the streaming services to carry “Crazy Rich Asians”. You know the one with the Asian chick named Awkwafina? That movie is dope, there’s a cruise ship balanced on top of a skyscraper in Singapore 😍. IP man is a must have along with all of Bruce Lee’s stuff. How come folks like me can’t count on streaming services to have Boomerang, Boyz n da hood, Brown sugar, Poetic Justice, Hoodlum, Harlem Nights, Jason’s Lyrics, Waiting to Exhale, Why did I get married, and A thin line between love and hate? Are thou not entertained? Sheesh…

Why do we need months in a year to celebrate black or Hispanic heritage? Why do we need affirmative action? Why do we need intervention? Because humans unchecked sometimes tend to rely on biases maybe? And Disney + had the audacity to digitally release an ethnically diverse movie to a select few to simulate an exclusive movie release? The nerve of them, to patronize the call for diversity and capitalize on profits over said demand. How come people of color are still an afterthought? Why does BET, SOUL TRAIN, AND TELEMUNDO need their own awards shows? I imagine because they felt the need to acknowledge the art of colleagues who look like them and not be forgotten. What say you?


  1. Very fascinating points. I tend to avoid Hollywood movies more often than not since I watch a ton of international cinema. This year alone, I watched multiple African movies from countries I have never seen movies from like Uganda, Mauritania, and Botswana for example. Positive representation is highly important and there should be more creators from different ethnic groups making their own stories instead of just relying on the mainstream movie industry to do so.

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    • Great point, I think the catch 22 to all this is that more people of color would do so if given the fair shot. Its a treacherous world, and things keep going round and round. I really appreciate you taking the time to converse.

      What movies did you watch and are you willing to suggest them?

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      • Sure thing. I do think it’s good when people try to come up with unique characters and storylines. What are your thoughts on Deggans’ Rule?
        No problem. I’ve watched a bunch of movies. I few I can think of at the top of my head that I enjoyed would be Green White Green, Camp de Thiaroye, and Neria among others.

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      • Ok so I’ve seen absolutely none of the films you’ve mentioned. I consider myself a movie buff, truth be told its nearly impossible to have seen them all. So, I think I’m going to look these up in my movie watching options and give them a shot. I kid you not, if it hadn’t been for suggestions I’d probably miss out on a ton a great films.


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