Fiesta San Antonio 2020

This years Fiesta San Antonio, usually held in April, has officially been canceled. The clock on their website now ticks away and chips away at next year’s party. It’s unfortunate, last time I attended it was common knowledge this festival brings easily over a million visitors. Now it is believed to host well over 2 million over the week +. Food stands, concerts, artist vendors, university & military parades with eccentric and creative floats. Few beers, couple street tacos later, you won’t help but bask in the effort and desire to literally shut a city down for an authorized party. Its hard to imagine now, looking at photos i snapped couple weeks ago, seeing a wave of people and river floats/parades instead of zero foot traffic.

Sidewalks wide enough for artist tents, imagine the dreams of fellow artists out there looking forward to the chance to display and share their art to the public and be a part of Fiestas culture and vibe. Now we have to wait until next year because of concern for coronavirus/covid-19. This festival is a staple in this community as a whole and frankly for an entire burgeoning military veteran demographic swelling throughout its a welcoming experience.

Are there any arts, food, or music festivals you’ve missed due to coronavirus? Anything suspended or postponed? I for one am concerned if we’ll ever enjoy some of the things we used to again. Its hard to think of how we could go back to the way things used to be at the rate things are going. What say you?

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