Swai fillet > catfish & talapia 😉

I’ve recently sought to expand my pallette and my experiences cooking more often. A month ago I tried a new kind of fish. Admittedly, and in particular what I’ve cooked myself, my only experiences with fish consisted of catfish or the occasional change-up of tilapia. So I wanted to try a new fish, hoping it’d provide a variety to my diet, taste, and cooking. Made a point to engage with the staff in the seafood section and I came away intrigued by the suggestion. The price for a pound/lb (sorry I forgot 😅😬) is certainly worth the try but when you consider how big the pieces are you’d see why I want to make this fish my go-to seafood.

See what I mean? I was full just from the 2 pieces of fish. What I enjoy about swai fish are how soft and tender the meat is. It held the “Louisiana” fish batter very well. So the fried skin and crust was crisp. Each time I cook this I plan to adjust something new; from the oil I use to fry it, adding an egg to the seafood batter, letting it thaw for a day before I cook the fish, and even baking or broiling the fish. One things for sure, I don’t think i’ll want catfish or tilapia again for a while. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you guys updated….

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