WAP – Taste like candy : my first cubist piece (Apple)

I’m guilty as charged of loving women. There are so many ways to paint a woman’s vagina; Are her lips and clit modestly defined or abundant? Does her hood overlap the clitoris? Are the overlapping lips a different shade than the innermost lips? So many possible variations, hope you enjoy this iteration.

You’ll also find my first attempt at cubism within my painting. The lollipop is red with a green apple center. So one half of the apple is centered one direction with light striking from an angle. Then the other half of the same apple is completely off centered and drawing light from a completely contrasted angle to the other half apple.

I purposely added the lollipop, apple, and wording in perpendicular esque relationship to each other. But there is also a bit of cubism in that the last letter of each word in, “Taste like candy” is off-put in a separate quadrant of this painting. I came close to adding a watermelon to this painting but…. maybe later

Theres so much more I can do on this canvas. From this angle the top left corner is where I think I might add a half slice of watermelon. I put some grey hairs in the beard but I wanted to focus more on emphasizing her love residue in the beard. The entire canvas has a drip theme.

Sheesh, my mouth is watering over here how about you 😂😂 ? All in all, i love painting. Truly having fun with this.

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