“Sparkle & Tooter” : Movie review

Imagine Sparkle, sitting here in a double wide with Tooter laid up on the couch, next thing you know there’s a high school classmate making the evening news for a bank robbery. Nevermind the crime, he was famous for something and they weren’t. Sparkle is sick of dead-end jobs and she wants tickle to care more about his ambition for her than his fishing.

Sparkle hatches a scheme to rob a convenience store. They drive by and scope it out a few times. But the old lady behind the register is dying of cancer, she’s not going to just give Tooter the money. Meanwhile Sparkle is elated at the sound of police sirens as she plasters her face on all the store cameras. This was it, they’d be on the news and famous now.

Hiding in a safe house until the heat dies down, Sparkle is devastated to see no story on the evening news or in the morning paper. Despite saying their names on camera police still had no suspect. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “why do I care about people wanting to commit a crime to be famous?” My question to you is, why should Sparkle & Tooter be neglected for their attempts at fame?

Take the bank robbery, for instance. Now, this movie goes by pretty fast. So after the failed attempt at fame Sparkle nags Tooter to death about another crack at this fame they want. Wouldn’t you know it, after robbing a bank and shooting a security guard ON CAMERA, Sparkle was heartbroken to see the next morning that only their accomplices were named as suspects. Well, what in the heck did Sparkle & Tooter do to deserve this? I’m sitting here watching these innocent criminals go out of their way to get arrested, make the news, and become famous. And the cops won’t even acknowledge their crimes?

I know one thing, Sparkle isn’t going to rest until she’s famous. Whether Tooter has the ambition to be the Clyde to her Bonnie or not. Say what you want, but after a convenience store and a bank robbery I felt like they were picking on old Sparkle & Tooter. Alls they wanted was their dagum, 15 minutes of shame…I mean fame. Needless to say, I enjoyed this movie. How about you? Give it a try you’ll laugh your socks off.

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