She comes first

Have you ever heard a singer hit her notes? Did you strum the keys on her piano?

Did she ride the beat or did the beat become her?

I heard a rumor that she comes first.



Memorize her chorus and remix her billboard single.

Listen to her bonus tracks.

Never press skip.

Hold her key, she holds her note.

Play behind her voice… give her permission to captivate you.

Your intro is her foreplay, play her in.

Her runs are congruent with your strums my friend.

Your strums are congruent with her runs my friend.

She came first.

Now she scats like some jazz cat.

She won the grammy.

It’s ok if her acceptance speech runs a little long.

She used the autotune.

Are you down with computer love?

Finesse her bridge.

It’s her soundtrack.

Be her producer and press her buttons, change her dials, TURN HER UP!

She comes first!!!

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