White ribbon: 100 years of women’s right to vote

Out for a walk today and saw this sign highlighting 100 years of women’s right to vote. I won’t add to it or take from it, I’ll just let the power it carries and the long suffered journey speak for itself and warrant acknowledgement and enjoyment. Some other interesting photos too. Felt like a regular ole shutterbug today.

See the ribbons up on these balconies? 👇👇

Look how that staircase is tucked in…

This tree coverage came in handy today…. it was hot!

Saw another artist showcasing their art. Had to snap a few photos.

Check out the way this mural stands out. 👇👇

Look it… a sculpture of praying hands and a cross.

Just look at the way this restaurant is tucked away and sitting atop winding stairs. An exclusive feeling restaurant.

I honestly don’t know, I’ve just never seen a Marvel arcade game look like this.

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