What makes a woman’s toes an aphrodisiac?

Have you ever seen the movie “Boomerang” with Halle Berry, Robin Givens, Eddie Murphy & a host of other prominent black actors? Well in this movie Eddie Murphy stars as this ladies man. But he can’t seem to settle down with any one woman and part of it is because he has a specific taste. One thing he intentionally looks for in this powerhouse film is a womans feet. Every time he sleeps with women he pulls back the sheets to see if her feet will suffice. Wouldn’t you know it, the first woman he meets with nice looking feet completely rocks his world and has his nose wide open. It was new for him, had no idea how to act. Frankly, neither did I. I watched this movie a gazillion times in my life, but when I saw this as a youngin it was the first time I saw a kink I could relate to.

As the years passed my intrigue and attraction to women with suckable toes have grown stronger and deeper in the fuller understanding of my kink. For instance, there are a multitude of specifics concerning what makes a womans feet attractive and a source of excitement; therefore qualifying as an aphrodisiac.

Those specifics are:

  • Nail polish / Nude toes
  • Softness
  • Toe rings
  • Heels
  • Anklets
  • Tattoos (feet, toes, high and low ankle)
  • Arches
  • Size
  • *the infamous white woman pinky toe (*unique & rare)

As a photographer & a lover of women with suckable toes, I’ve snapped quite a few photos of women’s toes and asked for more than my fair share of a few pics of toes from women I dated or met on Bumble. Some of them are included to reflect some of the categories above.

Nail polish / Nude toes – Much like in the way purple eye shadow helps a woman’s green eyes stand out, a woman’s polish can blend with her skin tone and/or coordinate with her outfit. Dont sleep on my natural ladies though. Some ladies opt for no polish and simply sport their sexy toes without it.

Blue is one of my favorite colors. She sported streaks of blue in her hair so her toes were coordinated. Below we have a favorite of mines, Demi is a model gracious enough to kick start my artist portfolio of #BodyPositivity. She is the subject of my very first body positivity photo shoot (you can view that photo article on the journal page πŸ‘€πŸ€€πŸ˜Ž). She is also my very first brand ambassador for 405mentality. What don’t I adore about Demi? But seeing as though this article focuses on toes I’d like to highlight the nude look of clear polish she’s rocking. Toes can be suckable without colored polish.

Here lies a prime example of toes blending in with a woman’s complexion. Mmmmm, orange toes, another of my favorite colors.

Softness – From the bottoms of a woman’s toes, to the arches on her inner foot, the softness of a woman’s feet during a footsie session will have a brotha going from sleepy to horny in .75 seconds flat. Mmmmm, and if she wiggles her toes around in the hairs of your crotch or curls her toes into yours balls with soft feet it’ll surely cause significant excitement.

Toe rings – Oh goodness, if I speak on toes and my kink and affinity for toes and fail to mention my ex-high school sweetheart Toya D in this category, she might kick my butt. My very first girlfriend, that’s right one of the women who spoiled me by choosing up and serving as a prototype in some areas, wore toe rings every day. I’d rub her feet and remember her telling me the side effects of wearing toe rings and the maintenance involved. She stood out to me. I mean, my ex was the only chick walking around high school in flip flops with a toe ring. It made her so unique, quirky, & eccentric to me. We were best friends before we dated so I’m comfortable sharing some of that info about us, yall think I’m playing. She crazy, if she ever stumbled on my page and saw this article to find out I didn’t mention her toe rings and that she started my kink she would give me a hard time about it at our High School class reunion hehehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž.

Unfortunately, I have yet to snap photos of a lover or friend wearing toe rings. Certainly not because women aren’t rocking them, more-so because when I have my camera I dont see you ladies or the women I’m privileged to snap in a photoshoot dont wear them. The timing has been off, so I’m unable to provide authentic and self captured art for this category… for right now (maybe I’ll do a part 2 😏).I like them on a woman’s second toe. I like them on her middle toe for symmetry, I like toe rings on the ring toe for familiarity. Toe rings are friggin #dope and only select women can pull them off. Much like nose rings if you ask me.

Heels – Oooowwwweee, say it with me yall “no deadskin on the heels means you aren’t the potato skin peel”. Sometimes even the wrinkles on her heel or the base of the foot around a womans heels add character. Sometimes you can even see the arches in her feet from the creases under her heels. Needless to say her heels gotta be soft 😁 (look at all that booty).

I enjoy seeing how a woman walks on her feet. This way, if she’s lucky, when I rub a womans feet I’ve learned her gait and I can massage the stress away from her pressure points. Check her heels out below, she walks on the outside of her feet. So she needs stress removed from that area during a foot rub.

Here goes Demi fine ass again…

Anklets – ching a ling a ling… Don’t you just love it when her toes are poppin and she caught your attention because you heard the charms on her anklet jingling? Or how about those ladies sporting a chain connecting the anklet to a toe ring πŸ˜πŸ€€πŸ˜πŸ’―Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of women with suckable toes wearing anklets in my portfolio. Certainly not gonna pull random photos off the internet as fillers. Dont fret though, stay tuned… we’ll include visuals in all categories in part 2 😏

Tattoos – Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm… tattoos can really enhance a body part and have an aphrodisiac like ass or breasts or toes going super saiyan. Dont believe me? Look at these ladies toes and tell me the tattoos don’t add to the attraction.

High ankle, low ankle, top of the foot, doesn’t matter. Tats can be a womans way of saying, “my toes are sexy, it’s ok to look… I ain’t scurred baby I’m prepared”.

Arches – Listen, we’re not going to leave the foot fetish and toe fetish nation hanging. Men and women everywhere are reading this thinking, “Ok, if this guy doesn’t cover arches and the amazing sex people are inspired to have from them I’m going to flip my *&>#…”. Its true, the arches in a womans feet are like a secret hole no one knew was there until they got into a relationship and became comfortable doing something kinky together lol. Seriously, a woman’s arches are just…. mmmmmm, have you ever had a woman fondle your endowment under the table in a restaurant booth and bring you Oh so close and then… graze you with the arches in her foot? It should be illegal if they arent going to marry us first fellas; ladies yall cant be rubbing the arches of your feet on any part of our bodies unless we exclusive lol. Its powerful sensuality.

Arches and designes on toes? It’s all so simple. I dated a woman in the dorms at my duty station and she embraced my love for toes so much she got my initials put into the designs on her big toes while getting a pedicure. Sent me through the roof, yeah I sucked her toes during sex every day all day for a week.

Size – I dont care if you’re a fun sized woman with small cute feet, or a stallion tall thick woman with big feet, your toes are sexy and suckable to somebody mama. Plump, soft, thick, toes and feet are a wave let me tell you. More foot to kiss on 😝.

White woman pinky toe – This is a unique and rare occurrence. Typically I see full blooded white women and women who are mixed with white and black/hispanic/asian as the usual make-up of ladies who sport the infamous “white woman pinky toe”. In most cases, their toes lean more towards the webbed structure like the woman’s toes up at the very top that I painted a loose replica of. She didnt have the defined white woman pinky toe but her toes looked more webbed together then singular. However below, one of the few other features of the white woman pinky toe outside of the webbed toes are the way the pinky toe on these white women will sit back and almost on the top of her foot. It’s the sexiest shit I’ve EVER seen when it comes to women’s toes. Below you’ll see the pinky toe set back from her other toes so with that her toes reflect a portion of the visual of the the infamous white woman pinky toe.

Make ABSOLUTELY ZERO mistakes about it. Toes are an aphrodisiac and I’m sure the fellas would agree and I just know you ladies out there will see this and feel compelled to share with friends and discuss where your toes stack up. Come on out of the closet ladies and gentlemen, it’s safe. This kink is out in the open and I believe its here to stay. Which of you fellas likes toes? Which of you ladies like men who likes their toes? Do you like them sucked or rubbed? Let’s talk about it and be comfortable enjoying this kink as the aphrodisiac it is.

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