How’d you get that scar on your back? Secrets Hotel

(Samantha walks up to the secret entrance at the “Secrets” hotel )

Samantha – “Oh goodie… this must be it. Goldie said to look for the orange lights.”

(Samantha uses the special knock. Greets the doorkeeper. Gains entrance. )

Doorkeeper – “Welcome to club Secrets, the orange-light edition. I see your membership is indeed current. Can we get you started with any party favors?”

Samantha – “no, I’m 5 years clean. Sex is my high now.”

Doorkeeper – “No worries mamas… here if you need it.”

Samantha – “In fact, I’ll have 1 “slow motion.”

Doorkeeper – “Damn, somebody’s getting throwed tonight.”

(Samantha looks the doorkeeper over to assert herself and warn the doorkeeper to mind his own business. She steps away, takes her “slow motion” pill.)

Samantha – “Guess I should pay for a “secret ” room before this slow motion kicks in.”

(Samantha approaches the club secrets concierge.)

Samantha – “Yes, Nicole is it? I’d like one of your secret rooms with your “mirror audience package! “

Nicole – “no problem madam, and does your partner agree to the terms and conditions of sex club watch parties in the ‘mirror audience’ package?”

Samantha – “Nicole, can I reserve a room or not?”

Nicole – “Ma’am, its imperative we relinquish all liability. We need your word and confirmation on this.”

Samantha – “Si!” Samantha utters with disdain.

(Room key in hand, Samantha sashays across the ballroom suit & tie event when suddenly…)

Samantha – “Damn papi, you must work out?”

Samantha – “Oooooooooooo oooooo ooo.” Samantha gasps for air, “oooooooooooo eeeeeEEEEEEEEE… OOOOOOOOOOOOO papi I cant stop cumming for tu’!!”

Delane – “Mmmmm, you gone make me nut. Look at me… ” Delane calls. “Give me your vulnerability. I crave it!”


(Delane flips Samantha on her side, pins her left leg by her ear lobe, presses her button twice and slides his pinky in her butt while she loses it.)

Samantha – “UGGGHHHHH, YESSSS. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, HEE.. HEEE.. HEEEEE.. HEEEEEEE!!!” (Pause)… “WHEEEEWWW PAPI… take me amor, I’m yours!”

(Delane picks Samantha up and balances her on the palms of his hands in mid-air while he stands. Samantha opens and wraps her legs around his shoulders)

Meanwhile, behind the mysterious mirror…

Anonymous onlooker – “Hey Keisha, he must be strong to just hoist her up in the air like that hunh? Is he your type? Go join them girl.” She laughs…

Keisha – “Excuse me.. I need to squeeze by you.” Keisha takes a deep breath in the hallway. “Nicole, hello?”

Nicole – “Hey girlie, having fun?”

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