Netflix, Hulu, or Disney +

You want a streaming service you can count on for variety, quality, quantity, convenience, and integrity. Admittedly, we don’t always place integrity on the checklist of what business we support. It should be. I’m going to highlight some good & bad for each streaming service. I’ve done all the dirty work so I have a ton of insight to offer. Let’s focus on three criteria : content, price, & reliability.

My experience on Netflix ended abruptly a little less than a year ago. I felt they allocated more funding to “original content” and took a huge hit as each major studio and broadcast company decided they wanted in on the fun too. Why outsource your own content and make the plug rich? Around this time I ran into issues with them billing me extra. I frequently complained about the lack of ethnic movies and shows and $10+ isn’t logical for the gaps and shortcomings in content. Tons of titles simply won’t play on demand. This totally soured my experience.

Content – C

Price – D

Reliability – C

The nature programming, network broadcasts, & live sports are all heavyweight features for Hulu. At first comedy central, as one of the network broadcasts, made the cartoon “South Park” available. But it wasn’t for long. Stuff expires and disappears at random. But Hulu does a great job of flooding your airwaves with tons of “original content “, live tv, and blasts from the past (Hanging with mr cooper, family matters, Showtimes “Homeland “, and HGTV’s house hunters). The titles, mostly, play on demand but there are occasional issues.

Content – B minus (lots of content, some titles dont play, others expire)

Price – B/C (worth it as is, definitely worth it without content snafus)

Reliability – B

It’s funny, I almost dont want to entertain why Disney + is the shhhhh but simultaneously itching to describe how much Disney + is the shit. First thing I watched after subscription, friggin “Bambi”. Kidding me? They unlocked the vault and told Netflix and Hulu to go sit in the corner somewhere. Yeah sure, there’s entire channels for star wars, marvel, and pirates of the Caribbean. But… the ENTIRE movie series for Cars, Toy Story, Lion King, Monsters inc, etc. Its almost not fair for $7 a month.

Content – B + (lots of stuff, more coming)

Price – A+

Reliability – A +

Clearly I’m biased, but what say you

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