How’d you get that scar on your back? – Samantha

(Samantha awakens in bed, pure bliss fills the room. Samantha pokes her head out of the covers reaching and clawing and calling out for her flame.)

-“Delane, Papi, where are you”, I call out to him but I dont hear him moving around. I smell his scent but dont feel his presence.

-“¿Donde estas mi amor?”….

My eyes finally opened, heartbreak starts to set in as a sign of attached feelings for a guy who only wanted one thing. Wait…

(Samantha gasps in elation)

-“Oh papi, a bouquet of roses. How sweet of him. Awwww…”

(Samantha swoons and sinks into bed grasping at memories of the love shared in those sheets. The moans floating towards her eardrums, causing her to revisit the sensations)

-“Oh and theres a note” she exclaims with a big smile.

“Dear Samantha,

I had a wonderful evening sharing the same space with you. Why should it end? I have brunch with my manager and you looked so peaceful sleeping I didn’t want to wake you. Anywho, care to join me after my business function? It would make my day. Heres a gift certificate for the spa downstairs, I want you to relax until I return my love. See you soon”

-“mmmmm, I can smell his cologne on the sonnet.”

(Phone rings)

-“Who in the world is calling me? Es stupido… Hello”

-“Girl, guess who I just saw at brunch….”

Part 2 – Samantha’s back story, to be continued….

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