How’d you get that scar on your back? – Keisha

“You know very well who you are, dont let ’em hold you down… reach for the stars”….

I had my music blasting this morning. Last night was too much to stomach and then I get this looney voicemail from my ex Eric. Delane won’t like it but I had to change our brunch location and get us as far away from the infamous “Secrets” hotel as soon as possible. If I had known what that place was about I would’ve never invited Delane. I feel so guilty. I dont know how, but I have to come clean. Sure, I heard rumors but nothing specific to have fair warning. He’s going to flip.

(Keisha pulls in to the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets)

-“Make sure no one is following me.”

(Keisha checks her mirrors before exiting)

– “Hmmm, that looks like Goldie’s car”. Goldie is a chica I know from the dorms back in the day.

-“Hey beautiful, where you off to in such a hurry?”, he says with a south bronx accent.

-“Im not interested sweetheart…”, he was respectful and kept it pushing. Besides, I have a lot on my mind and the sooner I get inside the better.

(Keisha looks over her shoulders. Chirps the alarm to her Mercedes CLS)

(Hostess greets Keisha)

-“Hello, are we seating a party of 1?”

-“Hi. Seating for 2 actually and I’d like a table between the bar and patio please.”

-“Certainly, right this way.”

I walked in with the guilt of feeling I’d run into someone from Secrets hotel last night. I need a drink, but for now I have to keep my composure.

-“Is this what you had in mind?”

-“Yes, thanks hun!”, placing my briefcase in one of the unoccupied chairs.

-“Your waitress will arrive shortly,” the hostess says with a smile.

As soon as I opened the menu I hear a familiar voice.

-“Keisha, you haven’t changed a bit. Girl I’d kill for a shape like yours what’s your secret?”, Goldie says reaching in for a hug.

-“Ahhhhh, it’s my girl Goldie. Sup chica”, sharing a sincere embrace. “And dont mention secrets to me, after the kind of night I had.” As soon as I said this I knew I had spilled some tea and Goldie is known for gossip.

-“Girrlll, funny you might say that. Which reminds me, didnt I see you at the ‘Secrets’ hotel last night?” (I was stunned) “Keisha, word is the mirrors in that hotel reveal every secret you share with them. Dont ask me what that means but all I know is an old co-worker in the private sector met a guy at Secrets and slept with him upstairs and next thing you know she joined a naughty sex-club.”

-“….” (Keisha is stuck, speechless, not knowing what to say)

-“How about that mimosa? Better late than never right?”, says Delane.

This might be just the distraction I needed to change the subject before I can speak to Delane in private. His timing is impeccable, wait, did he hear what Goldie just said?

-“Hey handsome, gimme gimme gimme… I need a drink in a real way. You’re late by the way.”

-“But I’m always on ti-“, Delane starts but is interrupted by Goldie.

-“I’m sorry I have to take this call.” says Goldie, dashing towards the ladies room.

(Now’s not the time, we’re in a crowded restaurant. I have to get him alone.)

-“What’s up with Goldie, it’s like she doesn’t remember me from the dorms? Did I say something wrong?” says Delane, with hurt feelings.

– Keisha cries out amidst the action, “Delane, I got an evil voicemail from Eric late last night. I’m scared…” I couldn’t help but break down and jump into his arms for security and comfort. Delane is my heart, my love. He always had a way of making me look up to him and snuggle into his circumference. I was comfortable with him. I couldn’t tell him everything now, I had to get him alone first.

(Goldie closes the door behind her in the stall)

-“Hello?” says Samantha, still getting out of bed.

-“Girl, guess who I just saw at brunch”

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