Why I started writing?

I needed an escape. The world around me, as far as my eyes could see, was treacherous. I could see the lyrics of old hip-hop songs walking down Miramar Blvd. I went to school with Tupac’s “Brenda’s got a baby”; even whispers of Dionne Farris’ “Hopeless” trickled from hallway lockers at Creston Hills Elementary. Sade brought the jazz, gunshots brought the blues. Sometimes our walls couldn’t insulate us from the long suffering. But a book? A book on my mama’s shelves now that’s a different story.

Textbooks didnt count yall. Mama said I was gifted and talented but I couldn’t relate to school work like her books. Authors like Eric Jerome Dickey, Omar Tyree, Zane just to name a few. Favorites like, “Liars Game”, “Cheaters”, “Flyy Girl”, & “Addicted” by Zane (one of my all-time favorites). It may sound simple-minded and uneducated now but I had just gotten my first Walkman around this time (early 90’s), so to read books by authors whose skin resembles mines proved to be a linchpin for my passion and the gifts coupled with them. I simply couldn’t get enough, finishing a book over the weekend before school the next Monday was a consistent goal of mines. It showed in my school work as I recall enjoying math more but my report cards always showed a 2 or 3 point increase in reading. My passion for literature influenced my learning.

As you may have read on my welcome page, my inspiration for #poetry started with Maya Angelou and was established with a performance on the show “Def Poetry Jam” by Jill Scott. But literature itself is a passion shared by my mama. It’s a memory I truly cherish because it’s one of the passions I had in common with my mom. Decades later, the seed of doing anything we put our minds to coupled with these authors being of the same hue as me planted in me and is now growing and blossoming within GOD’s Will and Purpose. I am truly thankful and grateful and I hope all or any of my art will one day inspire a young boy or girl to do the same and hopefully inspire another.

So far? Let’s see, as far as hard copy publications you can purchase and read I think you’ll enjoy my book of poetry called, “Writing is the painting of the voice”. But of course, chances are my subscribers and admirers already know of my first publication. Lately, now that I have my own website, I am blessed with the opportunity to upload my art and use it as a portfolio of sorts combined with a magazine styled journal for blog posts of all kinds… kind of like this one.

So what’s next? Well, I want to graduate from solely poetry to including short stories in my repertoire. After much meditation and middle of the night brainstorming I think I’m ready to publish another part or two of my new series “How’d you get that scar on your back”. After what I’m calling the pilot post, I think I’ve found a way to spice up the storyline with a twist aimed at you lovers of fantasy literature. Stay tuned…

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