King Ranch Chicken Casserole

My all-time favorite dish to eat and make. So many ways to make this dish your own. I’d argue that the only essential ingredients for this dish are strips of chicken, rotel (kind of), doritos chips, cream of mushroom, and cream of chicken. Everything else is chef’s choice.

Among the variations and adjustments to this dish are the doritos chips; whether or not to crumble them to give the casserole a crumbled pie feel, layer the casserole like the dish on the right? Chips then casserole mix then chips and so on. Or like the dish on the left, only layering the bottom and top of the dish with whole chips? The texture you seek and the manner in which you drool to eat this dish can impact how you prepare and structure it.

I sometimes end up sprinkling cheese between the casserole mix and chips on each layer. But it honestly doesn’t need it since the doritos chips are plenty. Which reminds me, I’ve been known to get crazy and use spicy nacho cheese doritos or the taco flavored kind. Again, you can adjust this dish anyway you please. Another tidbit, although i used italian flavored rotisserie chicken I’m this dish i still seasoned the chicken strips and applied the chicken broth and sour cream BEFORE I added the cream of chicken/ mushroom & rotel. It reminds me of my grandmother’s chicken enchiladas at that particular stage. I personally feel its important because even if you drain the can of rotel those juices can still drown out the flavor of your chicken. Folks, the chicken is what you come for in this dish. Enough rambling, took me so long to publish this blog post that my food is now done. Here have a look…I let it cook for 58 minutes on 350 degrees. I put both casserole dishes on the top rack. A slow cook is best for this. Try and time it right so the chips don’t burn. A downfall to not crushing the chips is clearly the even crisp. You can bet your bottom dollar I’m digging into the one on the left with layers first…Mmmmm, doesn’t it look scrumptious? I’m gonna let this cool down. Smoke my medicine, and crack on this wine. Y’all have a blessed evening!

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