Pink toes

It’s no secret, I love women’s toes and feet. It’s crazy because a decade ago it was so “taboo” to have as a kink and even worse if that kink got out. Now, although still discretely, there is an active and burgeoning community of WOMEN who enjoy the attraction and fascination to their feet and toes not to mention the men with a fetish or those who self-classify as toe/foot lovers. Arches, toe rings, foot tats, anklets, the infamous “white woman pinky toe”, etc. Theres so much to like I’m convinced that a womans toes/feet are an aphrodisiac.

Lately, I’ve been in a funk; unsure of what to paint. I haven’t had much practice drawing or painting life-like figures. Truthfully, I wanted to focus on painting something I have a passion for yet haven’t done yet. A fellow artist I recently met, admire, and converse with suggested I should harness the passion and my turn-ons and then put that on canvas. Well, it’s so cold I caught myself wanting to suck on toes lol. Enough explaining just check it out….

I really wanted to overwhelm her thighs with shadows of pink and grey. It’s so hard to make a painting look real and shadows are one way to accomplish that.

Of course after sketching her legs, feet, and toes I had an entire canvas to play around with.

I painted her skin tone OVER the tattoo sketching and then went over them in black paint with a small brush. Can you tell?

This one makes it look like she’s standing up lol..

I’m over here ready to hand out foot rubs lol…maybe even suck some toes if your feet are soft. Ok let me stop. I lied. Heres a teaser for my newest painting 😏😏 I’m scandalous for teasing, I know.

New paintings dropping on the painting page in 3, 2, 1….

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