Making a mess (Mature audiences only!)

Everytime I see a fellow painter take on the task of drawing a clitoris it truly astonishes me how powerful the paintings are. Style, technique, colors be damned. We all do our own thing but my goodness there is just something phenomenal about a womans vagina and in particular a painting just excites me and turns me on deeply. Here let me shut up…my attempt at the well-known masterpiece…

I started this sketch off without looking at a photo. Needless to say I ended up googling a clitoris to finish the sketch (don’t Google a clitoris or vagina – the images are cringeworthy. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya). I wish you could have seen the painting BEFORE I chose to add the orgasm but I couldn’t help but myself 😂😝. Surely you’ll forgive me

Not going to lie, I need to marry one of you ladies so I can put my face between your legs and do this to you. I’m getting turned on just telling y’all about it. I guess now you know my ideal clitoris 😍 . Ok I’ll shut up now lol.

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