Getting the hang of it

Show someone a few Bob Ross painting tutorials and they’ll be inspired to “do their own thang”. So, I’ve been doing my thing learning and making “happy accidents. Have a look at some of my recent paintings on 8×10 canvases. These are all done with acrylic paints and can be found regularly on the “Paintings” page of my website.

My most recent painting. I started off with a deep blue sky at the top 3rd of the canvas. Drug down some blue with a deep purple. Drug down some deep purple with light lavender. Then I went back to my line of yellow and yellow-orange situated as my horizon. I pulled the yellow up into the yellow orange, then I pulled the yellow orange up into the edges of the lavender I mixed. Then I used the lavender to created clouds all over. I did some stats white, some stars yellow. I felt a crescent moon wouldn’t dominate too much of my canvas.

The bottom half is my attempt at an oasis of some sorts. Trees with red, green, yellow, and orange leaves. A river approaching from the horizons far end into a pond nestled amongst trees. I’m sure as I keep this up I’ll get better at crafting ideas of filling in the painting with other ideas. For now, I think this painting is complete.

This ones interesting, I envisioned an Oklahoma sunset of unique varieties with pink, yellow, orange, and purple lining the skies. I tried a full moon in the right corner shielded in clouds. The mountains started from right to left. I think I’d go back and touch up a few things on this one but the mountains are certainly an something I have freedom to perfect with all the canvas space dedicated here.

The ocean is something I need lots more practice at. Bob ross makes it look so easy. Those waves arent crashing like I want them too but I have room to perfect them.

I was pretty stoked about this one when I finished. I felt the horizon and the clouds on the canvases right edge were what I was shooting for in the whole canvas. I got a a little crazy with the blues on the left skies.

Again, the horizon I’m so content with. Bob ross showed me a couple things and it turns out doing your horizon first provides an epic base for all the other colors you want to bring into it.

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