Trying something different for dinner

I was so tired of the usual suspects – burger joint this, such & such’s seafood, tex-mex that – I had a taste for something I hadn’t had in a while. I had an awesome day researching my family tree and running other errands. The restaurant I chose to prescribe me “the itis” had to be worthy of my money. No kind of good food tonight, its gotta slap!

Look at ya, wipe the slobber from your mouth and get your nose away from my plate 🗣😤 ! Just kidding peeps 🤣. Come closer (wafting the wonderful aroma your way). Now let big bro tell you what’s going on here, I understand if you’re a lil overwhelmed by the spread 😏. We’ve got pot stickers, crab rangoon, sweet & sour chicken, fried rice (won’t eat – trying keto), and the grandma of them all… turtle cheesecake.

Which dish are you sampling first? Some of you guys know me a little bit, if you guessed sweet & sour chicken then you’re spot on. Listen, the chicken breast inside is thick and juicy. The pineapples draped over them seem to edify the taste. But the sauce. Mmmmm, you know what enough talking here have a bite..

When I order Chinese I’ve been prone to get sweet & sour chicken and then add sides. Sweet & sour chicken is so hard to get wrong for my taste so I feel like it’s safe when giving a new restaurant a try. First thing that caught my eye were pot stickers. These lil dumplings are fire and this black sauce is a good compliment. Don’t drown the stickers in the sauce though it kind of ruins them. I think theres some …

Hey, where’d you get a fork from? I haven’t decided to share them because they’re too..

hey that’s 2, give it back you rascal…

I’m such a simp for wontons and crab rangoon from both seafood and Asian eateries. Each time I’m flabbergasted how they get them to taste so sweet 😍. These particular crab rangoon arent hollow. So I’m getting my money’s worth here. Ok fine, you can have one.

Dag nabbit I said one 😡😭😭

Look at the sauces the came with it

Ok, here, you can have the rice. I’m trying to lay off the bread, rice, and French fries. Now backup for a second, I cant trust you around my turtle cheesecake 😁😁👀👀 !!!

Look at it… drizzle everywhere. Where does the caramel start and the chocolate begin? Are there too many nuts or not enough? Well that’s for me to know and you to find out 😝😝😏

Since you guys insisted I share, how was it? 😏

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