Wine, cheese, and pepperoni!

Don’t ask why but the other day while I watched Bob Ross paint on PBS I had this vision of myself taking a break from painting. I snacked on cheese, crackers, pepperoni slices, and a sip of something bubbly. Wanted it so bad, I tried a new grocery store on my quest. Well, take a look at what I’ve got…

My first stop in this new grocery store was the cheese station. Situated between the deli and bakery, I had a taste for pepper Jack. What I wasn’t sure of was which cheese goes best with which wine. My wine of choice resides under the umbrella of the red sweet variety. I ended up getting both Asaigo (goes good with red sweet according to the chart) and pepper Jack cheese simply as a favorite of mines.

I couldn’t make up my mind on which pepperoni/ sausage to get so I bought a pack filled with variety.

The bubbly. Let’s keep it funky, Andre champagne is a decent quality and very reasonable price. I haven’t missed when picking one of their bottles. This one isn’t quite like “pop rocks in your mouth” as some other flavors. Nonetheless, still sweet with a tickle.


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