Speaking the same language

GOD’s Word is in the way we speak,

Lamps for our feet, influencing how we move,

Lights unto our paths, showering favor as our confirmation,

Existing in 3 persons just as He who is of Divine Essence,

Getting up after we fall, being thankful for the breath He gave us,

Capitalizing H’s in front of e’s & references of His name,

Leaning on His secrets to decipher false prophets perverting His Word,

Becoming familiar with His Word, trusting the Word as our foundation,

Seeking an intimate relationship with Him, sharing His Love with our neighbors,

Maturing in individual journeys with Him,

Comparing ourselves to His example for us,

Flourishing with content in our trust of His Will,

It’s His joy that sparkles in our smiles,

It’s His peace and kindness that resides in the softness of our eyes,

It’s His Glory that shines the Light on us and that dwells within us,

We are the body of CHRIST,

The brethen,

Descendants of Israel,




… we know the Truth and the Truth knows us. Comfortable being vulnerable!!!

Bought with a price, we’re connected… a part of one body!

Let the church confess 7 is perfection, 3 is the Holy Trinity, and there is only One Creator, Heavenly Father, GOD and His name is ELOHIM!!!

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