Top 4 quarantine TV shows

Here in Oklahoma, I haven’t “felt” under quarantine for a couple weeks now and I’m thankful for it; I’ve been able to go for walks, photographic adventures, and all sorts of food experiences. Some of us are still stuck at home and in desperate need of a new TV lineup. I got ‘chu. I’m going to highlight my favorite tv shows to watch under house arrest. Beware, you shan’t NOT be afraid. Mwahahaha *mischievous laugh* (shan’t not is an nuclear bomb for grammar police)

Homestead rescue – When they pull up on site, sometimes the conditions are dire. People reaching for their off-grid/under the radar paradise in desperate need of a survival tutorial, visited by a family of homesteaders skilled in the ways of living off the land. Old school water filtration contraptions devised from natural resources, hard work, and survival skills. Wind & water turbines constructed to bring power to the homestead. Learning to fire a weapon & defend your homestead. The Raineys end up leaving a family thankful for the skills to survive and live the dream.

Mike & Molly – If you liked King of Queens you’ll enjoy this too. Ensemble cast of comedians/comediennes and all around talents that all seem to get along. Yes I have a crush on Katy Mixon. So friggin what. And well all know Melissa from Brides Maids and countless other comedy films. So she keeps the laughs going. Show after show you’ll get authentic chuckles out of the humor and annoyingly welcomed smiles at the mushy moments. The chemistry of the cast clearly reflects in the show.

Moonshiners – Tell me the last time you watched a show with a grown man named “Tickle”? Yeah I thought so. Gun shots, rival territories, stealing customers and recipes, new technology like drones cramping on the moonshine life. It’s all here. What blows my mind is the former politicians with ties to and investment in the moonshine business. Anywho, never a dull moment. Another discover channel show.

NFL Live – I’m not even going to waste time expounding on this. I love football and I’m sure you do too. Bring back the pigskin!!!

How about you? What shows are getting you through quarantine?


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