Super lemon haze – Red Hairs

I was all out of bud y’all. I wanted to try something new. Something considered top shelf though. Then again, you’re kind of at the mercy of the dispensary and their definition of top shelf vs premium vs yadda yadda yadda! I definitely knew I wanted to go with a sativa.

I saw this on the shelf and it looked familiar, I just couldn’t recall what my thoughts were on it. I’m certain I’ve had super sour lemon haze before; I did not enjoy that smoke. This doesn’t have the sour. I vaguely remember having it. I’m about to be reminded tonight.

Would ya look at these red hairs? Goodness. I almost don’t wanna break this bud down. Should I put in the pipe instead?

I typically smoke blunts but hitting the pipe is faster. I wanted to get a really close photo in hopes y’all can see the crystals on these buds.

Have y’all had this strain before?

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