Proper way to cure your munchies

Listen, if you’ve been smoking and you get the munchies there’s only one way to go for snacks to properly mellow your buzz. Cop a squat, let big bro put you on. Better yet, spark another one and hop on this cloud with me.

Without a doubt variety is key. Last thing you want to do is fail to “hit the spot”. Follow me here, a variety of things you like based on two rules:

  1. Something chocolate. Something fruity.
  2. Something to drink. (You’ll need a good belch)


My go-to fruit snacks are Life savers gummies & Welch’s fruit snacks. Today I went with both because I’m naughty. Peep game though. I went exotics this time on the life savers but I always go gummies. Who wants to work for the candy while you’re chilling with the munchies? Not me. I’m good. Now you’ve got individual wrappers everywhere. No es bueno senora.

I have no shame in rooting for this next contestant; as a chocolate brotha the comparisons are welcomed. We’ve been running things since the 90’s. Ladies & gentlemen, its Ferrero Rocher chocolate folks. Round of applause everyone.

I have only 1 rule for chocolate:

  • Don’t go cheap.


Listen, let’s keep it funky. No one… NO ONE… wants a snack mouth with nothing to wash it down. Don’t play yourself like that. Remember, you’re likely gonna draft at least 2 new conspiracy theories in your mind. So, you’re going to be thirsty 🀣🀣🀣! There’s only one way rule.

  • Get plenty to drink. Ideally a 2 liter.


For a cool 2 months I’ve been consistently drinking water. So, with that disclaimer, I’m allowed to cheat and have some pop. By the way, if you call “pop” soda it means you have a booger in your nose 😝😝

Slow down, slow down. Save me some πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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