Is Nintendo switch > ps4 and xbox?

For years, the system I swore by was ps4. Not needing batteries for controllers, no need to pay for online services, smoother fitting controllers to my hands, and games I wanted to play; all reasons I was team playstation. Then things changed. Playstation started charging to play online and I honestly never played one game on there anymore. Call of duty. I’d get bored and sell it. And buy it again. $250-$400 once or twice a year. Then one day I stopped in to Best Buy. I was shopping for something new. But I wanted expert, geek squad level advice before purchasing. I was shocked when I found out a Nintendo switch serves as a game system and a type of gameboy or mobile gaming device. 2 functions. 2 birds with one stone. I thought to myself, “I’ve been gaming the wrong way.” I’m sure, if you own a Nintendo switch you’d agree that gaming on other devices feels cheap because a more compact and better functional product exists.

Mario Kart – The game I play the most. The racing and balloon battles are the stuff of legends. Getting to create your own Mii is cool too. Cannot say this enough. If you get this system then you MUST get this game…

Pokemon – The sad thing is, this was the first game I bought with this system. I played it too much for that first week. I beat it in 3 days and then after that week or two it took a backseat to Mario Kart.

Animal crossing – I’m so mad at Twitter for this. I got sucked into buying this game all because it trended on twitter. If you follow me on twitter and bragged about this game I hope your toothbrush falls on the floor tonight 😝😝😝😝. If you don’t follow me on Twitter you’re trippin’.

Super smash bros – Honestly, it’s hard to be a gamer of any kind and not at least have heard how epic this game is. So sad I barely play it. I have it though so in due time.

Assassins creed – So many people swear by this game. I turn this game on and all I literally did was walk around in a cave. Kind of want my money back but I just know someone is going to rave about how awesome this game is.

Crash Bandicoot – haven’t even opened it yet. Am I missing out?

What’s your take? What system do you have? Which games are your favorites?

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