Time stands still

Sometimes I look at you and it seems time stands still.

Brushing your hair and cupping the base of your head, perusing you like a gallery,

Hoping the reality of you means I dont need to pinch myself.

Adoration exhibited in the way of forehead kisses.

Seeking your third eye, exchanging comprehension, keeping the secrets & mysteries of our foundation,

Wishing my touch brings comfort at the translation of true desires.

Can you feel the fire? Do my flames consume you?

I saw us in the future. I got on the streetcar, they got on after me. Me and you in the future that is. Did you see us too?

It didn’t dawn on me until she said his name…. my name…. then the light bulb flickered..

I asked ELOHIM for a glimpse and He showed me.

I’m not even sure how to take it.

They knew too. The way they looked was as if they recognized me. Almost if they knew of me from my past. Our past.

It’s funny, I asked Him to reveal to me my future in Him.

ELOHIM is so cold, He revealed Himself and His will to me without warning.

I asked Him a question expecting a burning bush, He laced me with wisdom subtly… coming from where and when I least expected it.

Sometimes I look at you and it seems time stands still.

Whether I see you then, now, or soon I can’t help but long…. longing for the eye contact we’ll share,

Clamoring for the infectious smile we contract from each other and the necessary quarantine to follow.

Leaning on the “Faith of a mustard seed”, expecting dreams to come true!

Until then, time still stands!!!

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