Mickey Mantle’s house

Right in the heart of one of my favorite districts, and possibly OKC’s most toured district, stands a statue of one of Americas most treasured and storied baseball legends. You guessed it, ‘ole Mickey Mantle. Sure he has roots here in OKLAHOMA and you bet he paved the way for other legendary Okies to partake in a 7th inning stretch. Guys like Jonny Bench and Matt Kemp; I’d even argue these guys paved the way for one of America’s newest past times, college softball.

Take the NCAA big 12 College baseball tournament and championship. Its played every year right here in OKC at what’s called “Bricktown Ballpark”. And the womens college world series (WCWS) I’m sure you’ve seen in sports bars across america with screaming fans? Yeah, we host that too. Summer is almost synonymous with baseball/softball here in Oklahoma and kids growing up here have an ancestor of sorts to learn from and be inspired by.

Next door to the house Mickey Mantle built is the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Some of those names mentioned above have spots there, not to forget sports legends for OKLAHOMA SOONER FOOTBALL and any other major sports figure we call our own. In fact, the annual Jim Thorpe award in college football is awarded here in ceremonies. Jim Thorpe being an Okie and of native descent.

Come next summer, hopefully were covid-19 free, you’ll see thousands roaming these bricktown streets and banners adorned to street furniture and infrastructure. College baseball jerseys flooding the airwaves and tourists boarding our new streetcar. When they come here to cheer they’ll learn something new. The house that Mickey Mantle built. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a great steak then kindly walk across the street and order you a well-done plate from a restaurant of a familiar name… you can’t miss it 😏 !!!

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