I wore grey sweatpants today

LORD forgive me, for I know exactly what I’m doing.

Slanging around, letting it all hang out,

Interrupting patio conversations & midday phone calls of every lady smiling my way.

Yeah I’m a hoe, throbbing as her jaw drops… jumping when her tongue pops.

Sometimes, my mind plays tricks see,

Or maybe I’m tipsy… ’cause whose really in control if women have power to stand me at attention?

I’m so full of shit, I didnt even wear drawls today…

That’s right, drop those keys and pick ’em up.

Put on that lipstick while you pretend to look into your mirror,

Come out of the restaurant and pretend you’re on a phone call… feed my ego, that’s what Im here for.

Thirst trap shawty, caught you looking.

Flip that hair, wink at me, shower me with attention at your approval of my endowment.

Trouble is his middle name. Didn’t stick around for a last one. Maybe that’s why none of them took a last name I never had… or the name I never bothered giving. Definition of insanity.

Maybe I should retire these sweats… Then again, is Starbucks open?

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