12 x 16 canvas on easel

Though faint, the memories of my interest in painting during my adolescence is established and foreknown. For reasons unknown, much like with my passion for drawing, this artistic passion and desire of mines seemed to be in seclusion for decades. In some ways, I think I simply became “too busy” for art. Focused, if not distracted, on so many other aspects of life. The further I travel on this journey with The LORD, the more content I become; the more content I become, the more patience I gain and the more I’m able to slow myself down to hone in on these gifts.

I took a trip to Michael’s today. My goal was to get a “starter kit” for a beginner painter. The brushes, paint, canvas, easel, and paint tray. I was helped by a nice lady who suggested I get primary colors in both “rustic hue” & “acrylic” paint to start.

I know I’m going to need a ton of practice so I purchased a pallete book to use until I get the hang of some abstract paintings. Once I’m certain I won’t waste an actual canvas I’ll switch up.

My goal is to be a well-versed artist. Familiar with many art forms and comfortably experienced in those I have a passion for. So I can’t stress how stoked I am to broaden my portfolio with paintings and provide more art for you guys to enjoy and admire. Stay tuned for more art, subscribe to my blog for a weekly newsletter, and stay ‘Rona (covid-19) free!

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