Grandpa’s stash and Mimosa

Back in the day I was ignorant to the differences between a Sativa & Indica. I barely noticed how each strain really helped me outside of calm and ease. As time goes on, I have found a few strains I really enjoy. Strains that compliment why I’m choosing to medicate while I meditate with medical marijuana. Take sour diesel. As the Chief Artist & Editor in Chief of, I need to create and seek the inspiration to kindle my fire. Sour diesel helps with that. So does MK#8, white widow, and GG4. I stopped by Okie Kush club in Midtown OKC and couldn’t help but try a couple new strains by suggestion of my #dope bud tender.

Mimosa smells incredibly dank. I almost want to keep the package sealed to keep the funk inside ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ! It’s really caked up. It’s a sativa strain.

This one’s called grandpa’s stash. It’s a hybrid indica. Absolute gas.

My recent dilemma has been smoking blunts. You lose so much thc with those tobacco papers & they’re not healthy. I bought a new pipe. Bud tender mentioned the longer extension probably cools the smoke, if you smoke bongs and pipes regularly then you know these problems. By the way, isn’t my “flower” tray dope?

It’s taken me a couple months to accumulate this much hash in my marijuana grinder. Think I’ll keep saving it for a camping or hiking trip.

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