Millennial dating 2020

I get it you don’t need me.

You don’t want me. You don’t care that I exist.

If this world were rid of me you wouldn’t shed one tear.

Good riddance you say.

You’re a queen. You’re a goddess.

Make no mistake, it’s me you feel should be working to impress you on this date.

I mean, if I dont play ball you’ll just quickly remind me of how many cats are dying to shoot their shot. Yeah, that’ll teach me.

Don’t I know you’re worth it and THEN some? Both a snack and the steak and potatoes?

And of course, I’m expected to fund this date as a glimpse into whether or not I can provide?

Oh no, my bad. You’re independent, this is merely my audition. My application.

I should feel privileged and thankful you even graced me with your presence.

Oops, it’s my job to pursue and your job to bask in attention and affection and compliments…. oh my!

Boost my ego? Lol…. silly me, I forgot my place.

If you felt it was time to ration me some intimacy and affection you’d have done it.

Should I go sit in timeout goddess?

Oh shoot, have I ruined my shot at another date?

Dag nabbit, good thing I like toes ’cause I’ll have to kiss your feet all night to get back in your good grace.

You like foot rubs?

Damn what I do wrong now?

Are you serious? Listen, you might be fine and all but dont raise your voice at me.

Ok, but I opened your door for you because i was taught… I never said you couldn’t open the door.

Where’d that come from?

Listen, just call me when you get home so I know you made it ok.

Wayment, when did I boss you around?

For being concerned?

I can’t handle a woman who talks back to me? Hunh?

How does that make me weak?

(Tire burnout)

Was it something I said?

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