He said she said

I sacrificed for you..

Put down my pride,

Took shit in stride,

I catered to you.

And you questioned me..

Made light of my steps,

Became foreign to the journey I traversed for you,

I asked you for water as I thirst and you spat on me… you could’ve kissed me instead..

I’m stronger than you..

Studied longer than you,

Explored further than you,

Kicked more rocks than you,

I’ve sustained without you and been better since you… I dont need you..

And you had the nerve..

To rekindle my fire and abandon it,

To pop my corn and not count the seconds,

To speak and not listen,

To cut lines of communication after reaching for me,

Against my better judgement I accepted your apology,

I pitied you to be nice,

I hate that I love you or else I’d wish you were dead… I didnt mean that. I’m jus trying to get your attention…

You’re such a coward,

Scared to let me back in, like I did you soooooo wrong. I hopped on a plane for you.

Do you hate me?

Who cares if you forgive me, you shouldn’t have knocked on my door if you weren’t going to listen to me speak. You’re selfish and butt hurt. That’s ok, I dont want you anyways. I’m so unfazed.

(To which He responds)

“I know, I hear you loud and clear”!

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