Caught your attention?

Who doesn’t love an awesome book store? Tall bookshelves, comfortable furniture, the invitation to peruse corrals us. What’s that? Sticks out so much it looks to be the only book on the shelf. What is it about this particular book that caught my attention? Of course, one must do what readers do and at least give it a chance; why not, I have free time anyway. I mean, theres no harm in that right? Inside cover, dedication page, and 1st chapter later… I may end up buying this book!

How does it happen for you? How do you choose which book you randomly read on a bookstore trip? Are you laser focused on visiting a particular section?For me, it always feels like me and a good book were brought together. It needing me to read it, needing to share its message with me. Me needing to get the message GOD sent me to get. It’s an experience.

When I progressed to the editing stage of publishing my book of poetry (Writing is the painting of the voice) I realized I still hadn’t selected what cover I was going to use. I put a lot of thought into the poetry of the title of my book. I felt it was important to button it up with a photograph that captures the audience and whisks them away.

I’m from Oklahoma city and I’ve often bragged to people about how awesome our sunsets and sunrises are here. It’s truly stunning. One morning during my meditation it donned on me, “why not use the very sunrise I enjoy so much while I meditate with The Lord as the cover”? Sure enough, as the moments passed and the sun began to Crest over the horizon this bright yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue sky seemed to open up to me and almost reveal to me the beauty that I saught from it.

We all have our likes and dislikes, books that catch our eyes and others we pay no mind. Let’s agree on this, if a book catches your eye then you should at least give the books inside cover, dedication page, or first paragraph a read. Dont be shocked if you’re intrigued enough to read more.

I’m interested, how do you guys pick a book?

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