How ya holding up? All around the world we’re itching to break these shackles called covid-19. So many unintended consequences, fatalities, and realities for us to face. So many people overwhelmed by the coverage of the virus. While many others are concerned with our governments reach into our personal lives. One thing on my spirit today is for us as a nation to reflect on lives and our relationships with GOD and our neighbor. Let’s come out of this suffering as stronger individuals in a larger country.

I’ve always enjoyed singing and oftentimes it uplifts me to cut loose a bit. Whether you jam out while finishing chores or vibe out while doing homework; while out for a jog or getting work done, sometimes we can’t help but sing along. Why not share those moments and encourage someone else? How about a challenge for breaking the shackles and coming out of quarantine. Let’s call it #outofquarantinesongchallenge

Here’s me jamming to some 90’s r&b at Scissortail park in downtown OKC! I’m not a world class singer but I had fun….show me your stuff ๐Ÿ˜Ž let’s get this #outofquarantinesongchallenge trending worldwide!!!

this video is also on the music page of my site

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