Confirmation of purpose

Maybe you gave up on them years ago. Maybe you didnt know they existed. Maybe you just needed a positive word of encouragement, a nudge of some sorts. Either way these gifts, your art, are a passion of yours. So you published a book. You painted images from a dream tattooed on your frontal lobe, it fits the canvas better. You captured photos of canyons and lakes speaking thousands of words. Who shall admire these gifts? Who shall enjoy the fruits? It takes work to build an audience.

Oftentimes, some of us #artists and #creatives are thrilled at the idea even 1 person enjoys and admires our work. Nevermind having hundreds or even thousands of followers or subscribers. We correspond and engage with colleagues on tips to refine our brands, maximize our platforms, and cross-promote. We all grow at our own pace so it’s refreshing to see friends who are artists excel and allow us to learn from their successes.

I remember a poll on my twitter feed from a follower. It was a question of what success means to you, an inquiry as to what would need to happen in order for an Artist to feel as though they’ve arrived. I recall how encouraged I was to see so many people choose the humility in simply gaining an admirer of their art, maybe walking into a bookstore to see someone nestled up under a fireplace with their book in hand. Doesn’t that make you smile? To know that so many people are artists not because they want to get rich, but because they are in some senses seeking to relate. That’s so dope to me.

Recently, I passed over 700 followers. The number 7 is of monumental biblical and spiritual significance to all Christians. I’ve been blessed so I want to bless some of you guys too. I want to purchase art from 3 colleagues. 1) A romance or erotica poet/writer. 2) A painter. 3) A photographer. I want to pass on the love and encouragement that’s been showered unto me by you guys.

How about you? Why did you get into art? How did you become a creative? What’s your goal? And are you in it for fame? No shame or judgement here… what say you? Be sure and leave comments for suggestions on artists you’d like me to consider. I can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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