Baptized in the funk!!!

The barbershop, particularly in the black community, is a fortress of therapy. A freestyle cypher. A fellowship of like believers. A congregation of pain endured. A compilation of success prime for networking. Dont forget, there are even a couple movies about the barbershop too. A place to escape the stress, a place to become your best. A cornerstone. An essential fabric of our communities. Listen, we’ve all been cooped up inside without proper grooming for quite some time now. The coronavirus restrictions are being lifted so it’s time to change that.

Last weekend, for the first time in a while, I was able to get my hair twisted. Needless to say, it was all #copastetic. Tons of laughter, plenty of food and restaurant suggestions. Like any other day, the fellowship of believers is inspiring; you’ll often hear wisdom shared to ears that hear. Today was no different.

Tex, one of the barbers, mentioned how his mom told him to get his barbers license earlier in his life as a young teen/adult. He went on to say how after years went by he became a barber and the word his mom gave him came to be. Of course, the conversations this sparked produced tons of exchange of knowledge. One point I shared is how my grandmama would always tell me to put something in savings. Just put some funds to the side, even if it’s just 20 dollars here and there. She would rave about how often those funds would come in handy if you needed them and how much those funds would add up over time.

Talk about hindsight being 20/20. If I had $20 for everytime I should have saved, theres no telling how much I’d have saved by now lol 🙈🤣 . This is what I’m talking about, a brotha can go to the barbershop and feel like he hit a lick because you leave with a new haircut, confidence, some wisdom and encouragement to tackle your crazy life. Some people come to the shop with problems and leave with solutions. That’s what a #dope barbershop brings to a community. Some of us are suffering under restrictions more than others. Keep your head up. Has your locality opened up barber shops and salons? Go pamper yourself. Share a smile and word of encouragement.

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