She spelled COCONUT on my canvas

Painting the creases & crevices of each others bodies with our fingers,

Each member serves as our own unique paintbrush,

Brushing colors on the tablets of each others hearts.

Exploring your acreage,

Leaving traces of my thumb print on your body,

Underlining what you thought were flaws & adding exclamation points.

My hand prints on your love handles,

Your hand prints on my chest as you push me on the bed and mount me,

Your red got mixed with my blue & we made lots of purple.

Adding a pinch of yellow to your areolas as your bosoms glisten & jiggle,

Thrusting my hips upwards while sliding my fingers between yours,

Black grips our knuckles as we interlock fingers.

“Shutup”, you said, “I didnt say you could moan”, as you drove my stick shift,

I sucked your titty & kissed your nipples like you were my new favorite color,

You spelled COCONUT with your hips and painted gold all over my endowment.

We are the canvas. We made each other the masterpiece. We lie in awe of us. You smirked, “I thought you were finally going to let me dominate this time?”, I smiled with contagion from your smile, “I thought coconut only had 2 O’s in it”? 😏😎 …

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