Pobody’s Nerfect – SPOKEN WORD EVENT

“Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s perfect ayyyy…. but you’re perfect fa’ me”. One of the songs in my lifes soundtrack. See, whether I have head phones on or not I’m typically listening to a song and my stride vibes to said beat. I was here yesterday for a couple slices of pizza and a locally brewed craft ale. But tonight I was in for a totally different experience because my favorite pizza place, “Sauced”, also hosts a Spoken word function on Wednesday’s. I was there to spit fire from my book, “Writing is the painting of the voice”, and maybe share a solo piece I wrote after i published the former.

If you really know me you know there is a strange balance within me; I am charismatic, charming, social, with a gift of gab but I can still find myself in moments where I get terribly shy. Tonight featured one of those moments. The host (I hate I forgot your name bro) asked, “so would you like to go first”? I said yes, but changed my mind as the goosebumps crept up. Cut me some slack, I was in a new environment 🤣🤣 . But what I really wanted to say is, “I’m still not sure which poems I’m going to read”.

I got there early so I could peep the scene, ya know, have a couple beers & smoke a blunt…. gage the audience, maybe flirt with some women and see what happens. Doing what men do ya dig. My OKC Thunder were winning and from this point my night was going smooth. I still hadn’t decided which poems I should share, should I do erotica or spiritual, heartbreak or an anthem? I settled on “CONQUEROR” (check my journal page to read it 👀😎) and a poem from my book called “You ain’t even gotta say it”.

Smashing on the supreme pizza, beer in hand, the host welcomes us and kicks off the evening. Laying down some knowledge and principles on gracing the stage, ya know, speak freely since we’re all adults but dont offend. I can dig it. Then, it happened. He called someone else first, i smirked knowing I changed my mind and my nerves had a chance to go away, then a fellow poet in the audience declares, “uh, what happened to the first name on the list 🗣🗣”…. 😯😯 I was busted y’all 😂😂🤣🤣. I could’ve said nah I wanna wait, but see the way my ego is set-up, I like to rise to occassions. Remember, my lifes soundtrack is always playing, so I turned the music up in my head and groovy stepped my way to the stage.

My first words, “Pobody’s Nerfect”. I mean come on now, almost every poet I saw on Def Poetry Jam had their own thing the audience participated in. This is mines. The juice of expression into a microphone, the power one yields. The way the depth in my voice carries lends me an audience’s ear. I thoroughly enjoyed the engagement, the hoots and hollers, the finger snaps, the contagious smiles shared. I felt so alive, as if I had been baptized again. The crazy part is, I got to sit down and enjoy lots of other poets. We laughed & experienced a wide range of other emotions as we walked a mile in the shoes of each poet brave enough to share. #dope

Now, I hunger for more…. the life of an artist, what’s next in my journey?

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