1st ever “Body Positivity” Photo Shoot

My very first photoshoot; embracing women with curves, highlighting imperfections as perfect, and blemishes as beauty marks! We had an absolute blast doing this shoot. All my life I’ve been attracted to curvy women. Women sizes 8 – 14 have been historically marginalized by society. Thing is, women have children & the emotional and spiritual toll it can take on women is sometimes monumental. Unless you’ve been under a rock, the #bodypositive tag on social media has grown legs of its own & its awesome to see women cherished & their “flaws” rekindled into factors of attraction

Who says a womans ass should be tight? Who said thighs should be free of cellulite? Who said those hips are ugly, baby those love handles are for making babies!

Beauty is overrated….

Attraction is compelled & provoked. We’re all attractive to someone.

The way she smiled, would’ve thought I was a photographer for Vogue. From head to toe, her smile to her tattooed feet. She was comfortable in her skin & that joy oozes from her pores.

We’re all unique, what’s your attraction?